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Here at Morley Eagles Teeball Club, we encourage all of our coaches to complete the TBAWA Level A Coaching Clinic. These clinics run around the metro region in the lead up to the season starting to give you a running start into the season… with the fees covered by the club! A win-win scenario!

Once you have completed your accreditation, you will receive “Coaching Manual: Skills and Techniques” and “Coaching Manual: Diamond Drills”.

For assistance with coaching, please reach out to our Team Officials Co-ordinator by emailing

Official rules can be download here

Tips for Team Coaches for Training

  • Keep it simple, and have a plan before each training session begins
  • Keep things interactive and moving
  • Involve parents as your helpers, this will keep things moving and help to keep everyone engaged
  • Wherever possible, make things into a game
  • Present information in kids’ terms
  • Don’t assume anything – go over all the basics, even if it is just refreshing their memory

General Tips

  • Summarise team’s activity after training and games: be specific, and recognise progress and successes
  • Keep criticism private – if it is necessary, take the player aside, and do not belittle
  • Celebrate the individual talents and differences of your players
  • If you need help, ask for it! Encourage your players to do the same