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The Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that games run smoothly, with the team’s volunteer positions filled, players ready to go, and all the spectators ready to cheer on the team!

Tips to Begin the Season

  • Confirm that names, addresses, and other contact details on the team list are correct. Amend if necessary – and advise the Club Registrar!
  • Check that parents are happy for all team contacts to be distributed to the team. This is useful to assist with sharing rides to and from training or to arrange changes to parent rosters when necessary etc.
  • Discuss the importance of parent involvement with parents at the first training session. Reiterate that the following roles must be filled each week:
    • Scorer – Scoring is not difficult and after sitting with someone who has scored before, anyone should be capable of taking a turn. A scorer is required for every game.
    • Umpires – A Plate Umpire is required for Home Games (covering third base and home plate decisions) and a Base Umpire is required for Away Games (covering 1st and 2nd Base decisions).
    • Base Coaches – When a team is batting, a base coach must be present in the coach boxes at first and third base to instruct the players on when to run and when to hold.
    • Canteen Volunteers – teams on diamond 1 need to provide a volunteer to help run the canteen during an allocated period of time.

Tips for Games

Prior to each game, you should remind parents of:

  • Game time, diamond, and warmup time
  • Who is doing what on the parent roster
    • Make sure the parent roster is shared ahead of time and that everyone gets a fair share of the work!
    • A parent roster template can be shared from the club if necessary
  • No jewellery or watches to be worn during games
  • Enclosed shoes are a must for everyone entering the diamond – parents included!
  • Bring a water bottle, equipment, and full uniform – including club hat
  • Sunscreen is available at all diamonds and should be worn by everyone – players and spectators!

Just before the game:

  • Write up the batting order in the score book for the scorer ahead of time
  • Ensure that there is a pencil case in the kit for scorers (multiple pencils, eraser, and sharpener)
  • Write the batting order on players hands prior to the start of the game (a coloured sharpie washes off easier than a black one)

General Tips

  • Be organised each week prior to the game
  • Send out reminders to parents of diamond location, time and parent roster details
  • Understand how and when cancellations will be broadcast.
  • Get to know your team’s coach, and gain a clear understanding of who is responsible for what
  • Make sure everyone knows who you are and how to contact you
  • Respect the relationship between parent and child
  • Encourage all parents to get involved and help out
  • During the game, ensure kids remain on the bench in order when batting

And most importantly… if you’re not sure, ask! You can reach out to the Team Officials Co-ordinator by emailing for help and support at any time throughout the season.

These are intended as tips to help first time team managers, and should not be viewed as absolute rules – do what works for you and your team!

To provide further support and training for family members, the club will facilitate a “Team Officials Evening” prior to the season. This is usually an informal session and an opportunity for new managers, coaches, and umpires to ask any questions they may have.