Umpires Corner

Umpiring… What is it About?

At Morley Eagles Teeball Club, each time provides an umpire for every game – the home team provides the Plate Umpire (who controls the general flow of the game and makes decisions for Third Base and Home Plate), and the away team provides a Base Umpire (who makes decisions for First Base and Second Base).

If you are fair and emphasise that both teams are there to have fun, umpiring can be an incredibly rewarding role. If you have an understadning of baseball, softball, or teeball, this is obviously advantageous… however, many umpires learn as they go with the support of the club and other parents with umpiring knowledge.

Each year, TBAWA offer a Level 1 Accreditation Course for Umpires – Morley Eagles Teeball Club will wear the cost of this course so that you can attend!

Existing Level 1 umpires are encouraged to upgrade to Level 2, ensuring the club has sufficient umpires to allow any willing teams to participate in States Championships at the end of the season.

To provide further support and training for family members, the club will facilitate a “Coaches and Umpires Training Evening” prior to the season. This is usually an informal session and an opportunity for new coaches and umpires to ask any questions they may have.

If you wish to umpire and would like to attend the Level 1 umpiring course, please contact the umpiring co-ordinator by emailing or speak to your team’s coach or manager.