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Morley Eagles Teeball Club has the following by-laws in addition to the rules set forth by the Morley Eagles Constitution and rules set forth by TBAWA:


  1. In line with TBAWA Rule 2.3(b) all club members that take to the diamond (e.g., players, coaches, managers, umpires, and base coaches) must wear a hat and enclosed shoes (i.e., no sandals, thongs, bare feet).
  2. Each playing team may send a representative to attend Club’s monthly general meetings.
  3. All adults working with the children of the Club are required to comply with the minimum standard of the Working with Children legislation.
  4. The placement of players in teams is at the discretion of the Club Committee, considering all relevant information available, including, but not limited to, player numbers and medical or physical disabilities. A player may play in a higher age group from the one in which they are registered, provided the player is no more than one year younger than the players eligible for that age group and must not prevent a player registered for an older team in participating. Further, a younger player must be assessed by a member of the Executive Committee to ensure that they are competent to play in the higher level if applying to play in a competition age group.
  5. All by-laws are to be reviewed annually at the first monthly general meeting following the Annual General Meeting


  1. Registration fee is to be paid in full upon registering online or, alternatively, by Kidsport voucher
  2. A non-refundable deposit $50 will be enforced with all registrations
  3. After round 1 and/or teams are allocated, no refunds will be given
  4. All refunds will be made at the sole discretion of the management committee, and must be requested in writing to the Club Registrar
  5. Sponsorship of a team must be paid for before team shirts are ordered


  1. Prior to the commencement of the game, the Plate Umpire is responsible for ensuring that the Diamond is clear of any rubbish and/or debris, and that the bases are in the correct position.
  2. All teams are to provide an umpire for each game. All home teams are to provide a Plate Umpire for the entire game, whilst the away teams provide a Base Umpire.
  3. The Base Umpire shall stand in Foul Territory near First Base when there are no runners on first or second base. When runners occupy first and/or second base, the umpire shall stand in line with the batter and pitcher, outside the diamond. NOTE: the Base Umpire shall always stand outside the diamond.
  4. The minimum age for Umpires shall be 15 years of age. However, on application the Umpiring Co-ordinator may allow a younger person to officiate a game at their discretion, but must be supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 18.


NB: in interpreting all these game by-laws, the overriding principal shall be to teach our younger players how to play diamond sports. We want to encourage them to make the play as if they were an older player participating in competition. Each scenario is different and when deciding, team officials should ask themselves “if this scenario happened at a senior game, what would be the play?” and make a decision accordingly.

  1. Regulation game rules shall apply to all age groups in accordance with TBAWA rule 9.1 – that is, 9 innings or 1 hour, whichever occurs first. The Extreme Weather Policy may overrule this.
  2. In games where one team is winning by a significant margin, the following rules shall apply:
    1. When on team is 10 runs ahead, no aggressive base running (i.e., no running additional bases on an error by the fielding team. TBAWA rule 17.3 regarding overthrows shall still apply.
    2. “Time and Game” shall be called in consultation with the team coaches prior to the usual one-hour game when one team is 15 runs ahead at completion of the third inning. The scorers shall advise the umpire when either of these situations arise.
  3. Kindy/Pre-Primary teams are limited to 8 players per team and Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 teams are limited to between 11 and 12 players.
  4. In line with TBAWA rule 7.1(f), the home team shall occupy first-base line bench area and the away team shall occupy the third-base line bench area. The home team shall field first and the away team shall bat first.
  5. All games will be scored, however, Kindy/Pre-Primary scores will not be announced. The only people permitted to look at the scorebook during a game are the coaches. The Umpire may only look at the scorebook if the Scorers ask for assistance.
  6. The “Safety Base” should only be used as an aid in accordance with TBAWA Rule. 17.5 and 17.6.
  7. In Kindy/Pre-Primary and Year 1/2 divisions, teams are permitted to have ONE Coach stand in the outfield, provided they remain behind the outfielders in accordance with TBAWA Rule 5.1(b).
  8. In line with TBAWA Rule 2.3(f), chest plates are COMPULSORY for ALL players fielding in the pitcher’s position.
  9. In line with TBAWA Rule 7.2, for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 divisions, the game ball shall be a baseball. For the Kindy/Pre-Primary and Year 1/2 divisions, the game ball shall be a teeball.
  10. Pitchers in all groups are to wear helmets fitted with face guards.
  11. All batters/base runners MUST wear helmets in accordance with TBAWA Rule 2.3(c).
  12. In an attempt to eliminate batters/base runners being run down by players fielding the ball, it shall be considered chasing the runner if any fielder requires more than three steps from where they have fielded the ball in order to tag a runner out. If a player is able to field the ball, take three steps and tag a runner out, the out will stand. Fielders who require more than three steps to affect a tag must be encouraged to throw the ball to a base in order to make the “Out” and avoid an “Obstruction” being called under TBAWA Rule 20.
  13. The award of bases on Dead Ball line overthrows (TBAWA Rule 17.3) shall only apply to the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 divisions. Kindy/Pre-Primary and Year 1/2 are exempt from this ruling.
  14. Players in the Kindy/Pre-Primary division are exempt from TBAWA Rule 13.2 – “the batter is out after three strikes”. Batters are permitted unlimited strikes in order to put the ball into play. Batters experiencing difficulties in hitting the ball may be assisted by a Coach.
  15. Players in the Kindy/Pre-Primary division are exempt from TBAWA Rule 9.2 “each team will bat in the order listed in the batting line-up until the third out is made or the innings is declared” and Rule 16.1(d) “when batters 8 and/or 9 are due to bat they are ‘automatic outs'”. All players shall have a turn at bat regardless of the number of outs made or the number of players in the line-up. However, TBAWA Rule 18.3 “players should leave the field immediately they are given out” shall stand.
  16. Players in the Kindy/Pre-Primary division will be permitted to run only one base for all infield hits but should be encouraged (where possible) to run two or more bases for outfield hits.
  17. In addition to any other dangerous disposal, it shall be considered “throwing the bat” and therefore the batter is “out” if the bat is disposed of in a manner which causes it to land in either batting box, or the area between the boxes.
  18. Players in all age groups should be given equal opportunity to play in every fielding position. It is at the Coach’s discretion how this is done, however, all players must:
    • Play every fielding position at least three (3) times throughout the season
    • Not occupy the same position in each game
    • Play at least one infield and one outfield position in each game
    • Not change fielding positions in an innings unless injured; and
    • not sit out twice in each game unless injured or all other players have sat out at least once.
    • NB: this rule does not apply to inter-district teams or during Grand Finals
  19. Score slips must be completed in full by each team and returned to the Club rooms at the completion of each game and placed in the blue lock box.