Scorers Corner

Are you new to scoring, or wanting a refresher on how to score? Scoring for teeball is quite simple!

In the scorer’s kit, you should find:

  • At least one pencil
  • A pencil sharpener
  • An eraser
  • The score book

Teeball is scored using the “dot method”; it is simple, and straight-forward. Before starting, ensure that the batting line up is written down on the score sheet for each team.

The batters’ and runners’ positions are shown by means of dots starting in the right segment (first base) proceeding anti-clockwise to top, left, and bottom (home base) segments

  1. In the example, batter 1 has, in innings 1, proceeded around the bases and reached home. The inner circle is shaded to indicate a run.
  2. Batter 2 was out, and the number in the inner circle indicates the number of batters out.
  3. Batter 3 reached first base (dot in the first segment) but was out at second. The 2 in the inner circle indicates this is the second batter out in this innings.
  4. Batter 4 hits a home run, indicated by an arrow joining all four segments, and a shaded inner circle to indicate the batter was home safe
  5. Batter 5 made second base safely (the arrow showing they made it to second in one ball)
  6. Batter 6 was out, and was the third batter out, so “side away” is called. A diagonal line is put throught the next batter to indicate the end of the innings and a horizontal line in the next innings column to show they are the first batter up

The score for the innings is placed in the upper segment of the bottom row of the innings column, and the cumulative game score is placed in the bottom segment. In the first innings, two runs were scored (two shaded circles), thus 2 is put in both segments. In the second innings, two runs are made, thus a 2 is placed in the upper segment, and 4 in the lower (2 + 2).

Below is an example score card that you can download and use for practice.