Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with Morley Eagles Teeball Club is not just an opportunity to give back to the community; it’s a chance to be part of something truly special. When you volunteer, you become a vital piece of the puzzle that makes our club thrive! Whether you’re coaching young athletes, helping keep the club running, or lending a hand in the canteen, your contribution makes a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in our community. Volunteering is a chance to share your passion for sports, create unforgettable memories, and build lasting friendships. Join us in fostering a love for the game and nurturing the next generation of athletes. Discover the joy of volunteering with us and be part of the teeball magic!

Being a team manager allows you to play a crucial role behind the scenes. You’re the glue that holds the team together, organizing parents, games, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Your efforts not only support the players but also ease the burden on coaches and parents. It’s a position that offers a sense of accomplishment in seeing a well-organized, efficient team, and it’s a great way to contribute without necessarily being on the front lines of the action.

Becoming a team sponsor means investing in the future of young athletes and the community. It’s an opportunity to showcase your commitment to local sports and foster a sense of pride in your business. By sponsoring a team, you’re not only promoting your brand but also helping ensure that more children have access to the benefits of team sports, such as teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness. It’s a win-win, where your support is felt both on the field and in the community.

Volunteering as an umpire is a chance to become an integral part of the game itself. You’ll need a deep understanding of the rules and regulations, and gain experience honing your decision-making skills and leadership abilities. Umpiring can be challenging, but it’s incredibly fulfilling when you see the respect and fair play that your role helps maintain on the field. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the excitement of the game from a unique perspective.

If you want to take umpiring to the next level, you can attend a coaching accreditation course through TBAWA. If you gain your accreditation and umpire three games during the season, the club will reimburse you for the accreditation! If that wasn’t enough, accredited umpires get paid for umpiring games!

Taking on the role of a scorer in our teeball association provides you with a unique opportunity to be an essential part of the game-day experience. While teeball may not be as competitive as other sports, your role as a scorer ensures that every player’s efforts are acknowledged and celebrated. You’ll help maintain a smooth flow during matches, ensuring that every child gets their chance to shine. By keeping track of innings and game progress, you create a supportive and organized atmosphere for players and parents alike, making teeball an enjoyable experience for all involved. Your contribution adds a touch of professionalism to the games and ensures that everyone leaves the field with smiles on their faces.

As a committee member, you play a vital part in shaping the future of our club. You have the opportunity to influence decision-making, plan events, and ensure the organization’s sustainability. Your strategic thinking and dedication help us continue to provide a positive and inclusive environment for young athletes to learn and grow. It’s a chance to have a lasting impact on the club and the community, while working closely with like-minded individuals who share your passion for teeball.