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Welcome to Morley Eagles Teeball Club!

Tee Ball player running in to third base

Established in 1974, Morley Eagles Teeball Club has been a pioneer in introducing teeball to Western Australia. We take pride in providing a safe and enjoyable environment where children from kindergarten to year 6 can learn essential sportsmanship values, develop hand-eye coordination, and embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, our club is a community-driven organization. From the committee members to the canteen staff and team coaches, every aspect of our club is managed by passionate individuals who believe in the power of sports to shape young lives. We value the commitment and effort of these volunteers and provide them with the necessary support and resources to effectively coach and manage our teams.

At Morley Eagles Teeball Club, we go beyond the game. We organize coaching clinics to enhance players’ skills and foster their love for teeball. Additionally, we offer official umpire training to equip individuals with the knowledge and certification to become registered umpires. Our commitment to comprehensive development ensures that players, coaches, and officials alike have access to the resources they need to excel.

As an active participant in interdistrict competitions, we believe in providing our players with opportunities to test their skills against other clubs in the vibrant Perth region. These experiences build camaraderie, encourage healthy competition, and enable our players to grow both on and off the field.

Teams high-fiving each other after a well played game
An umpire oversees a friendly game of tee ball

Conveniently located at Lightning Park in Noranda, Morley Eagles Teeball Club welcomes children from the surrounding suburbs to join our thriving community. Whether your child is taking their first steps in teeball or looking to further develop their skills, our inclusive and supportive environment ensures that every player can thrive and have fun.

Join us at Morley Eagles Teeball Club and embark on an exciting teeball journey filled with friendship, learning, and unforgettable moments on the diamond.