Who Makes Up The Committee?

Volunteering with Morley Eagles Teeball Club is not just an opportunity to give back to the community; it’s a chance to be part of something truly special. When you volunteer, you become a vital piece of the puzzle that makes our club thrive!

There are a number of different positions that make up the Morley Eagles Teeball Club committee – find out more about each role below!

The primary role of the secretary is responsible for arranging and recording minutes, including to: 

  • Call monthly general meetings 
  • Arrange the meeting place, including Video Conferencing details as appropriate 
  • Record the minutes of Monthly General Meetings and Annual General Meetings, forwarding copies to the Board of Management. Minutes shall record all incoming and outgoing correspondence to the Club Secretary, with a short description of the content of each piece of correspondence. 

The secondary roles of the secretary is to:

  • Monitor the info@ mailbox, forwarding emails to the appropriate committee member to respond to. 
  • Maintain the Working with Childrens’ Check Register 
  • Register Working with Children’s Checks with Department of Communities on behalf of the club 
  • Maintain the Club Key Register, in conjunction with the Club President 
  • Expedite the decision of the Committee 
  • Be empowered to form sub-committees and delegate duties to sub-committees or individuals 

The registrar is a member of the executive committee and is primarily responsible for maintaining the list of registered players. In doing this, the registrar will:

  • Create and maintain a form or process for club members to register
  • Assist club members in the registration process
  • Assign players to teams once registration has concluded
  • Resolve any issues in relation to registration
  • Assist the team officials co-ordinator in creating fixtures for the playing season
  • Maintain a ladder for the competition teams

The treasurer is a member of the executive committee and is primarily responsible for the finances of the club. This includes:

  • Receiving the contributions of members and other monies due to the club
  • Issuing receipts for the above
  • Keeping a correct account of the income and expenditure of the club
  • Providing a monthly report of the financial status of the club during monthly general meetings
  • Submit a preliminary budget of estimated expenditure to for the coming year to the board of management

Committee Members shall take an active interest in the wellbeing of the Season and act in accordance with directions of the Committee.

The Club has a number of co-ordinator roles that are to be filled from General Committee members, including: 

  • Canteen Co-ordinator 
  • Interdistricts Co-ordinator 
  • Machine Pitch Co-ordinator 
  • Sponsorships & Uniforms Co-ordinator 
  • Team Officials Co-ordinator 
  • Umpiring Co-ordinator 

The Club has a number of other roles that are to be filled from General Committee members and/or Executive Committee members, and can be shared by multiple people: 

  • Groundsperson 
  • IT Officer 
  • Social Media Co-ordinator 
  • TBAWA Representative 

The team officials co-ordinator is responsible for clear and efficient flow of information between the club and volunteer team officials (such as coaches and managers). They will also:

  • Be a single point-of-contact for all issues, complaints, feedback, and queries arising from team officials
  • Run an information session at the beginning of the season to ensure all team officials are aware of their duties
  • Promote any accreditation processes provided by the club, TBAWA, or other affiliated organisations
  • Assist the registrar in the creation of team rosters and season fixtures

The umpiring co-ordinator is responsible for maintaining a register of accredited umpires, and providing a conduit for team officials to access these umpires for game day.

The umpiring co-ordinator is also responsible for:

  • Aiding all club members and volunteers in their understanding of the rules of teeball
  • Promoting the accreditation process, and assisting club members through the process

The interdistricts co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring Morley Eagles Teeball Club takes part in the interdistricts championships, otherwise known as state championships, or states. This includes:

  • Running player try-out sessions
  • Grading and accepting players into the interdistricts team
  • Promoting the interdistricts competition within the club
  • Ensuring each interdistricts team has an appropriate number of players and volunteer team officials
  • Ensuring all team officials are accredited, where necessary
  • Assisting in organising training sessions, venues, and times
  • Supplying information to the interdistricts teams from the club and TBAWA
  • Organising the pre-states carnival
  • Organising the club to attend pre-states carnivals run by other clubs
  • Ensuring all teams meet the prerequisites set forth by TBAWA for them to attend the interdistricts championships

The sponsorships and uniforms co-ordinator is responsible for organising uniforms and sponsors for each season. This includes:

  • Promoting sponsorship of teams with local business
  • Signing up business to sponsor teams and/or the club as a whole
  • Working with sponsors to choose team name and team colours
  • Liaise with uniform supplier to ensure uniforms are ordered and arrive in time for the first game
  • Work with club social media co-ordinator to promote sponsors through our social media channels

The primary responsibility of the canteen co-ordiantor is the smooth running of the canteen. This includes:

  • Ensuring the canteen has appropriate stock levels in preparation for game day
  • Running the canteen with the assistance of other volunteers on game day
  • Ensuring canteen equipment is in good working order
  • Working with the treasurer to ensure all incoming and outgoing monies for the canteen are accounted for
  • Ensuring the canteen is returned to a clean state at the end of game day

The machine pitch co-ordinator is responsible for assisting Morley Eagles Teeball Club in registering players for the machine pitch competition through Morley Eagles Baseball Club. They will be responsible for:

  • Promoting machine pitch through baseball and teeball
  • Organising registration of players, assigning teams, and assisting volunteer machine pitch team officials
  • Reporting the progress and news of the machine pitch team(s) to the committee

The primary responsibility of the TBAWA representative is to attend meetings held by the TBAWA and report back to the committee. It also includes reporting to the TBAWA on behalf of the committee in consultation with the president.

The groundsperson or groundspeople are responsible for maintaining the grounds on which Morley Eagles Teeball Club plays upon. This includes:

  • Making the lines for the diamonds in preparation for game day
  • Maintaining line marking equipment
  • Working with the president to ensure adequate supply of line marking paints
  • Liaising with the local council in mattters pertaining to the grounds