Machine Pitch Interest

Are your children looking to take the next steps to softball or baseball? Why not try out machine pitch?

Machine pitch is a great cross-over between tee ball and baseball for children between 7 and 10 years of age, and serves as a fantastic introduction to those higher skills including the idea of a ‘pitched’ ball, consistently ‘pitched’ by a pitching machine.

We are looking for expressions of interest to join our machine pitch squad. If you choose to register interest now, it does not mean you must register later!

To join the machine pitch squad, players must be 7-10 years of age and already play tee ball or baseball. Players will require black baseball pants and a red belt – both of which can be purchased through the club closer to the start of the machine pitch season.

If you have any questions about machine pitch, reach out to our machine pitch co-ordinator by emailing